Wk1 – Classmate Conversation – Marcelo Ceballos Jr

The first day of Art 110 was great. I met many people that day, and socialize more than i usually do. One of the person that I met that day was Marcelo Ceballos Jr. He is the guy on the right side of the picture. During our talk he mentioned that he is a 5th year student that is studying biology. Marcelo  likes cycling and use to run. For the question of the week on where do we cross the line on what is art, he believes that in order for something to be considered art, the artist should be “planning” and put “effort” on their work. Some one can’t just pick up a rock and call it art. His favorite color is orange and likes to binge watch T.V., which I can relate to.

The link below is Marcelo’s website, were he blogs.



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