Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting


Plaster casting at the beach was really fun and a great experience. I would love to do this again with my family. I carpool with one of my friends. We worked together to make the castings and protected them from the waves. We decided to go at 4 in the afternoon, which ended up being a good and bad idea. It was a good idea because the weather was good and the beach was not crowded. The problem was that the waves kept rising which eventually got close to our plaster casting. To prevent the water from reaching our art, we had to create several barrier or walls to prevent the water from getting inside the hole. In the future i will do several things differently. For example go at a earlier time, or make the hole a little further from the ocean. I will also mix the plaster more because when i poured the plaster into the hole, some junks of plaster fell in and that might have been why the finger tips were destroyed. The thumb had good details,  I was able to see and feel the texture of the thumb. I will also position my hand at a different angle to prevent the dirt from, caving in.


The picture above is a casting of my fist, which came out pretty great. I also like this one better than the hand. The thing that I will change about this casting is that instead of having my thumb inside the fist, I would place it over, in order for the thumb to show. Even though the art piece did not come out quite like i was expecting, I am still proud of my work and had a great time doing the plaster casting.


This picture here is just a selfie of me, the ocean, and my fist of plaster.



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