Wk3 – Artist Conversation –Adam Powers

20160907_131801_hdr 20160907_131834_hdr

Artist: Adam Powers
Exhibition: Cart
Media: Photography
Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: Unknown
Instagram: Unknown

Adam Powers is a student at the University of Central Florida. He had three different photographs on display that showed a cart in each photograph.  His art work was on display at the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, in this gallery they had an exhibition called Florida/California Exchange Exhibition work by University of Central Florida/Daytona Beach Photography Students. In this exhibition students from California State University Long Beach and University of Central Florida exchange art work, and will be on display at other schools. Unfortunate I was unable to meet Mr.Powers since he does not go to CSULB, so I was unable to get his Instagram and Website.I was able to get an interview with the exhibit coordinator. I did not get Nicole’s last name but she was the coordinators for that exhibit. She has been coordinating exhibits for two semesters already. She also mentioned that most of the artist students in the exhibit are undergraduates and it is more common for artist to use their Instagram rather than their websites. She did provide her Instagram which is nsleepless.

In these three photographs it appears that the carts are photographed at different times based on the color of the sky and lighting.  These carts appears to be everywhere and seems like they are forgotten. One cart is in the middle of a parking lot and the other two are on sidewalks and are not even close to the store.

These photographs as the title suggest, are about the cart. In Mr.Powers’s printed statement that was in the exhibit, he mentions that the shopping carts are “left behind, feral, and forgotten”. He also mentions that they are “ignored” and “They exist in an in-between time, much like the toys after lights out”. This is true because there was once a shopping cart that was in front of my house for a week and all I did was ignored it, and waited for someone to eventually pick it up.

When I first saw these photographs I wondered what were they about. I eventually read Mr.Powers’s printed statement, and his photograph are about the carts. Then I started to focus more on the cart and wondered how did the cart get there if the wheel was suppose to lock after a certain distant from the store, why do people just leave them there, how long has it been there. These photographs brought so many question in my mind about carts. I finally wondered if these thoughts were what Mr.Powers hoped the viewers will think about. It is amazing how things that are forgotten and seem irrelevant can bring so many question in mind. I would have loved to meet Mr.Powers in person and talk about these photographs.


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