Wk 8-Art Experience –Sketching @CSULB Japanese Garden

This week we had to do 3 abstract drawing and 3 representational. We also had to take 3 abstract photos and 3 representational as well.  The first drawing is a drawing of 4 pieces of logs, rocks and the ripple of waves.The second drawing is grass, a bush, a stone tower and a duck. The third drawings are a bunch of leaves and a piece of grass. The fourth drawing is rocks, grass, and branches. The fifth drawing consist of rocks, ducks ripple of water made by the ducks. I took pictures of the actual scenery, to show what I was drawing which is on the right side of the drawing. My representational art would be drawing 2,3 and 4. My abstract art would be drawing 1,5, and 6. This week was fun and was my first time going to the the Japanese garden even though this is my third year at CSULB. It was a great experience and a great way to see how well I can draw.


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