Wk 11– Artist Conversation -Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Media: Wood, film, sculpture, fabric

Website: kylekruseart.com

Instagram: kyle.kruse

Kyle Kruse is a senior and a 6 years student at California State University Long Beach and is in the BFA in print making. After he graduates, he wants to move to the United Kingdom or to New York. He likes to go rock climbing for fun and was not sure what his favorite food was at the moment.

His art work consist of several things. His sculpture looked like a person combined with a bird. The Sculpture had some detail and looked rough at the beak. It also has a black fabric under the sculpture or mask.His art piece also had a film he made at the other side of the gallery. The room was also dark and the floor was wet, and muddy.

In his written statement he states “The wood image and ideas to emulate a concept of what a life means, imitations and attempts to make sense of what lies further than we could touch”. His art work represent the Roman myths of Prometheus, Janus, and Sisyphus.  This art work focuses on the space between memory, reality, and object.

This exhibit was one of the hardest exhibits that I have written about because I could not understand what the exhibit was about until I interviewed the artist. The art piece is also unique and uses multiple senses. This is the first time doing an artist conversation for an artist at the Marilyn Werby Gallery.





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