Week 15-EC: Feedback

My three favorite art activities are the Plaster Casting, Graffiti Writings, and Finger Painting. The reason why these are my favorite is because they were more of a hands on activity. I liked the option of doing the work at home or at the beach because not every one has a ride to go places. I was able to carpool with a friend to do the plaster casting

My least favorite activities were Instagram, Vlogs, and Automatic Drawing. I felt that the Instagram activities kind of invaded a person privacy but we did have the option of making a new account which was okay. For the Vlogs it just felt embarrassing to do it but it does seem fun if you get the hang of it. Despite me not liking the the Instagram and Vlog activities, it was a great way to make a shy person less shy. The automatic drawing was okay but the pencil did not flow easily like it did in the sample video or compared to how others did. I was only able to draw a little and after a while bot my partner and I were getting tired of sitting.

I like the format that we had this semester and I also liked the SOA gallery visits because we get to see different art works from different people. The classmate conversations is fine. Even though as a shy person it was not my favorite to talk to new people it did help a little on being less shy.

The weekly blog post are okay because we get to show other what we did and seeing samples of other people’s blog post helps us with writing more instead of a small paragraph for each blog. The ePortfolio is useful especially if someone is going to apply to a good job.  The Art Talk OTW videos are interesting with a lot of good information and lets people know were the art work they saw came from. The art discussion was also great because we get to compare ideas and can also understand a persons point of view.



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